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Originally from Kalush in the Ukraine, Iryna Chaboryk started drawing at an early age. She is from a family where both her mother and grandfather were artists. Her mother, Tetiana Chaboryk (1951-2018) was her primary mentor and teacher and taught Iryna a great deal about fine art, prompting her to pursue a carrier in Art. 


   From 1994-1998, Iryna studied at Kalush Culture and Art College.  After graduating she continued to work at her mother ‘s Art Studio. In 1999 she opened her first personal art exhibition displaying many genres of mediums in her graphic collection featuring watercolor, pastel, etching, gouache in landscape and still-life works.

In 2000 she was added to the name catalog of notable artists of Kalush, Ukraine.


   From 2000-2004 Iryna studied at the State Academy of Culture and Art in Kiev, majoring in Art and landscape Design. She participated in numerous international En Plein Air Workshops and exhibitions in the Ukraine and throughout Europe. 


   In 2007 Iryna emigrated to the US were she continues her carrier as an artist and as as an art teacher. She enjoys teaching visual art and passing on her knowledge and experience to her students.

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