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José Bastardés holds graduated degrees from both the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the Royal Conservatory of Music Amaniel in Madrid.

His career extends from the Baroque and Classical periods to the contemporary repertoire championing the works by such composers as Kirk Miller and Jens Joneleit. Formerly a faculty member at the Madison School of Music he has also performed and taught at the University of Wisconsin Madison and at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Mr. Bastardés has appeared throughout Europe as a solo performer with special frequency in Spain and Germany. In 2001 he was featured at the National Public Radio of Spain. In the U.S, has appeared in concerts and recital halls in New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Colorado, Michigan San Francisco and North Carolina. In 1990, he performed in the International Celebration of the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Carnegie Hall in New York.

José is also a chamber Musician Entrepreneur as well as a String Pedagogue. He was co-founder of the chamber group Amaniel Piano Trio, has been featured as a violinist for Plant and Page during their world tour concert in Madrid in 1995 and is writing a Treatise on Violin Pedagogy.

José is a former Fulbright Scholar, a Distinguish Ministry of Culture Fellow and graduated with the Prizes of Honor in violin and chamber music performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music Amaniel in Madrid.