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Stamford Youth Symphony



This is a unique moment. We are creating a music education organization that is one of a kind in its conception and in its operation. These are our guiding principles. There is a need in the Greater Stamford Area for an excellent music education organization that meets the needs of its members.

  • The organization will be student driven and adapt to fit the needs and desires of the students

  • The organization will be expansive in its scope, and aims to provide a wide variety of educational and performance opportunities.

Our Mission:


The Stamford Youth Symphony is a student-focused music organization that empowers students to delve into the musical topics that excite them and facilitate their access to an all inclusive, high quality musical experience. We achieve this through orchestra, chamber music, workshops, and social activities.


Our Vision:


The Stamford Youth Symphony is a tightly-knit, one-of-a-kind music organization focused on a total music experience. We believe music is a social activity that people do together to express something unique to ourselves and our time. To achieve this end, we offer comprehensive orchestral and chamber music opportunities alongside discussion-based seminar-type workshops that explore the deeper meaning of the music we play and why we play it today. Topics include music and society, music history and analysis, conducting, popular and traditional music traditions, conducting, and improvisation. We also foster social experiences through outreach performances throughout our community, field-trips to live concerts, and sight-reading and jam session get-togethers. Central to our mission is empowering students to delve deeper into the musical topics that excite them and facilitating their access to an all-inclusive, high-quality musical education experience.

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