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Chamber Music

Chamber Music Program


You are invited to be a part of an enriching chamber music experience with SMAA in collaboration with Stamford Youth Symphony. Chamber music provides students of all ages with the opportunity to enhance their performance skills and expand their musical insight and awareness through coaching sessions. The faculty coach’s role is to be a musical guidance counselor/facilitator.CMP will be offering classes designed to deepen appreciation for chamber music literature. The goal is to help students develop confidence in their own interpretation, self-expression and technique as well as fine-tune their ability to work effectively within a group to engage in a musical discourse leading to a rewarding musical experience. CMP curriculum will be open to mixed ensembles of students ages 8 to 18. Faculty will assign students to their individual ensembles based on skill levels. Pre-formed ensembles are also welcome. All instruments are  accepted.

Program Objectives:​
  • reading a musical score: analyzing and evaluating

  • preparing the individual musical parts and learning non-verbal techniques of communication

  • active learning and performing

Autumn Leaves SMAA Trio
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