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Private Lessons Tuition

Private Lessons: are available both in-studio and online for piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar, voice/youth chorus, and art/painting for beginners through advanced students of all ages, including adults. Enrollment is open to all interested students, regardless of age or ability. ​

Trial Lessons: New students or their parents should fill out our trial lesson form, prior to registration. During trial lessons, students learn about SMAA’s philosophy and special offerings. Careful consideration is given to match students' needs and skills with the appropriate faculty. Lessons are scheduled based on student and teacher availability and the Director’s recommendations. SMAA makes every effort to accommodate each student’s schedule in assigning lesson times.  ​


Semester Tuition includes private lessons once per week, recital fees, but doesn't include an $80 non-refundable registration fee per student.

Fall Semester starts the last week of August and runs through the last week of January. 

Spring Semester starts the first week of February and runs through mid-June. Spring Semester tuition includes 2 summer lessons. 

Following the last week of each semester is “Make Up Week”, which is reserved for Teacher absence make-ups. 

Piano Accompaniment: For intermediate and advanced level students who need a piano accompanist for their recital, an accompaniment fee will be added to the tuition.

Semester Tuition: SMAA operates on semesters and full semester payment is always due 2 weeks before lessons start, by mid-August and mid-January, which provides enough time for scheduling and confirming requested time slots.  


Missed Payment Deadline: Semester payments received after the due date will be assessed a late payment fee of $50, which will be added to the invoice. Semester schedules/time slots cannot be confirmed prior to payment. 


Payment Arrangements: SMAA tuition is due in full prior to the start of the semester. In extenuating circumstances, payment plans for semester tuition based on financial need may be considered by the Business Director.  Alternative payment plans are billed an additional fee of 5%, and parents must sign a semester commitment for weekly lessons, with no option of cancellation, or refund. 


Enrollments After a Semester Starts: Late enrollment students will have a prorated tuition, and lesson scheduling will be dependent on teacher availability. 

Group Classes Tuition

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Curriculum: SMAA follows this program, which has a preparatory level followed by 10 levels. 

“Meet the Instruments” Group Class: Designed for young students (age 3 & older) to play fun musical games, sing along with their parents, and get exposed to different instruments. At least one parent is required to participate with their child for these weekly group classes. 

Theory Class for Preparatory Level: It’s strongly recommended to start private instruments/voice/art lessons at this level. 

Parents Participation: It’s recommended that parents sit-in and participate through RCM level 2, to help students stay focused, engaged, and understand teacher’s homework assignments. 

Theory Group Class Enrollment: Is at the beginning of each semester. Group Classes are for 2 students or more. Private Lessons are for 1 student only. 

SMAA Students' Discount: A bundling discount is offered for SMAA students who also enroll for private instruments/voice/art lessons. 

Final group tuition.jpg

Absences/Make-Ups for PRIVATE LESSONS:


Students Absences (with advanced notice to teacher): Each student is allowed a maximum of 2 excused absences per semester, for any important reason which will be made-up ONLINE only. Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. Parents are responsible to follow up with the teacher to be rescheduled ASAP, within the same week, or the same month. If students cancel the make up, this make up can NOT be reschedule again. For more than 2 absences, the teacher is NOT required to make-up missed classes. Make up credits (max 2) expire at the end of each semester, and can NOT be carried over. 


Students Absences (with NO notice to teacher): “No shows”, e.g., missing a lesson without providing notice, unfortunately can NOT be made-up or rescheduled. 


Teacher Absences (with advanced notice to parents): Teachers are limited to a maximum of 2 excused absences per semester, which will be made-up IN-PERSON. Following the last week of each semester, is the in-person “Make Up Week”, reserved for making-up teacher absences ONLY. For more than 2 teacher absences, a substitute teacher will be provided for in person make-ups. 


Inclement Weather (snowstorm, etc.): Lessons will be held ONLINE only at the student’ regular day and time. 


Make-Ups Google Share Sheet: Teachers are responsible for updating all absences and all make-up dates in the Make Ups google share sheet. All parents will be able to “view” this sheet for confirmation. Any concerns related to make-ups should be reported to the Artistic Director. ​

Absences/Make-Ups for CHOIR, THEORY, ART,



Student Absences: NO make-ups, as the group classes will continue as scheduled with the other students in the class. 


Teacher Absences: Same policy as Private Lessons (see above). Teacher will hold In-person make-ups during the “Make-Up Week”. 


Inclement Weather (snowstorm, etc.): In Person make-ups will be rescheduled for Sunday of that same week. Also, at the end of each semester, group classes end 1 week earlier than private lessons, so teachers can also use this extra week for make-ups. 

End of Semester Recitals 

 (January and June)

Recitals are important developmental milestones for students. SMAA offers many opportunities for students to share their musical accomplishments in a supportive environment. Student recitals are held for family and friends at the end of each semester. Students prepare a memorized repertoire with the approval and guidance of the teacher. We also encourage siblings and parents to join the student to play or sing together for duos or trios, at recital performances. Please ask your teacher to help your child prepare the right piece of music for recitals. ​

Inclement Weather Policy:


SMAA’s Lessons and classes may be cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather, especially during the winter months. Although SMAA follows the Stamford School System calendar, we will not automatically close when Stamford Schools, or other area school systems are closed.


The safety and well-being of our students, families, and faculty are top priorities and the decision to close or delay SMAA’s lessons and classes are taken seriously. In the event of a weather closure by SMAA, all lessons and classes on that day will be held ONLINE at the regularly scheduled times.


Announcements of weather-related closures or delays will be made via broadcast text, email, and posted on our website. Inclement weather decisions will be announced by 12pm on weekdays, and by 7am on weekends. If SMAA is closed due to emergency weather conditions, do not come to the school.


If SMAA is open and operating normally, student ‘No Shows’, e.g., not attending lessons or classes, and not providing your teacher with advance notice of the absence, will result in a lost lesson or class. If a teacher cancels due to weather, you will receive an in-person make-up during the semester.


We encourage SMAA families to use their best judgment regarding safe travel conditions to reach the school. If SMAA is open, make sure to let your teacher(s) know in advance if your children are not attending lessons or classes due to weather. We appreciate your understanding and support!


Refund Policy:

SMAA's refund policy is similar to other tuition based academic programs. There are no refunds after payment of the semester tuition. In extenuating circumstances, SMAA will provide a prorated credit for remaining lessons that can be used for the next semester, or within one year of the payment. 


Lesson credits can be applied to other classes of different instruments, or different teachers. Lesson credits are also fully transferable to other family members, or friends.



  • Students are expected to treat the SMAA facilities and school instruments with care and respect. 

  • Parents, guardians and caregivers are responsible for supervising the safety of their children at all times while they are on the SMAA premises. 

  • All pick-ups and drop-offs are required to be made in the indicated parking zones only. 

  • ​SMAA does not assume any liability for the well-being and safety of minors who are left unattended on school premises, in common areas, or the parking area. 

  • SMAA does not assume any liability for personal property lost, damaged or left unattended on school premises, in common areas, or the parking area. 

  • Pets are not allowed in the building. 

Photo/Video Release 

Stamford Music & Arts Academy is granted permission to take photographs/videos of SMAA students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials SMAA creates. Permission is also hereby granted for Stamford Music & Arts Academy to copyright such photographs in its own name. Unless a change in permission is requested in writing, these policies stand. 


Music & Instrument Resources

Piano Tuner: Jonathan Brittin 



Strings: Atelier Constantin Popescu 

(203) 661- 9500 

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