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Music Class

Meet the Instruments
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Stamford Guitar Lessons

Meet the Instruments is a parent/child class designed for younger students (age 3 & older). This class allows parents and children to get exposure and familiarity with different instruments before students choose their favorite instrument to pursue. Parent involvement is critical in these classes as younger students need encouragement and support as they begin their musical journey. 


Every few weeks, students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of a new instrument, including basic hands positions and the steps to play simple songs in each instrument. Students and their parents will also have fun singing some songs together, tapping rhythms, and learning about introductory music notation.


Different instruments include piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, recorder, glockenspiel, and singing. Families are encouraged to choose a few main instruments to focus on and also to observe which instruments are captivating the child's interest and imagination.


If students show interest in a particular instrument, your teacher will focus more lessons on the student's favorite instrument. At the end of each semester, Meet the Instruments students are eligible to participate in our school-wide recital playing their preferred instrument. This class is a terrific way for parents and children to share a meaningful and enriching activity, while also having fun together. 

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