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Lyudmila German was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, in 1974. Prior to her move to the US, she studied piano and music theory. She continued her education in New York, where she earned a BA in music from Brooklyn College, 1996 (composition studies with Noah Creshevsky and Tania Leon), and MM and DMA degrees in composition from the Manhattan School of Music, 2003 (studies with Ursula Mamlok and Nils Vigeland). Lyudmila is a recipient of Miriam Gideon Scholarship from Brooklyn College, Meet the Composer Grant, Ivar Mikhaschoff Grant for New Music (2000), Cantate Chamber Singers award (2004) and Robert Helps Prize (2009). She worked at York College, City University of NY, taught harmony and instrumentation at Long Island Conservatory of Music, ear training and theory at Music School of Westchester, was a rehearsal accompanist for Brooklyn Contemporary Chorus, and, accompanied at Regina Opera Company in Brooklyn, NY.


Past performances Include: In Memoriam Alfred Schnittke for 2 violins in Chernivtsy Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine; Four Seasons for chamber orchestra, commissioned and performed by Freisinger Chamber Orchestra in Boston, MA and Ulianovsk, Russia; Music for Timpani by Martin Rodriguez at Strasbourg Regional Conservatoire, France; Red Snail on the Snow for koto and cello at Spectrum, NYC; Silenced Swallow for Japanese sho at Tenri Cultural Institute.

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