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Stamford Violin Viola Lessons

Wanxinyi Huang, a young violinist and violist who started learning the violin from age 4. She has been praised by renowned violist Nobuko Imai for “beautiful and unique viola voice, sound with soul”. She was admitted to the National University of Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with full scholarship for bachelor degree. After graduation, she was admitted to both the Yale School of Music, the USC Thornton School of Music, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and the TianJin Juilliard School of Music with all full scholarship and finally chose to pursue a master's degree at the Yale School of Music under Prof. Ettore Causa.


As a soloist, she was invited to participate in the Prague Spring International Music Competition, llanes international viola competition in 2023 and has won prizes in the 2021 Paris International Music Competition, 2019 Hong Kong International String Competition, and Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Concerto Competition. At the same time, she has performed many times in international master classes with Misha Amory, Nobuko Imai, Kim Sang-Jin, Steven Tenenbom, Hsin-Yun Huang, Robert Diaz, Dimitri Murrath, etc. Renowned violist Nobuko Imai also invited her to participate in her festival and Tokyo international viola competition.


In 2020, approved by cellist Mr. Yo-yo Ma, she was selected into the Guangdong International Music Festival (Youth Music Culture Guangdong) and performed side by side with Mr. Yo-yo Ma. In 2019, she was invited to participate in the China Youth Orchestra (NYO-China) and toured in Europe,England and China with huge applause. She joined the Yale philharmonia and also served as a guest performer in orchestra, she has successfully performed with many well-known foreign orchestras, such as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Sichuan Symphony Orchestra, Sichuan City Hall Symphony Orchestra, and received high praise.

At the same time, Wanxinyi is actively participating in chamber performances. She was invited to perform the Mozart clarinet Quintet with Nicholas Alton Lewis, the current Assistant Vice president of Bard University. And in 2023, she is invited to participate THY chamber music festival in Denmark with full scholarship. She is a founding member of Classic chamber club in China and has performed pieces like Schubert Trout Quintet, Mahler a minor piano quartet and so on. In Singapore, she performed with the Singapore National Choir in Esplanade Concert Hall for the Voilah Music Festival. Also in Singapore Victoria Concert Hall, she had performed Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence Sextet, Op.70.

Wanxinyi has been teaching the Suzuki Method and the combination of her own experience of years of study. Her goal of teaching is to create solid fundamental skills and teach students in accordance with their aptitude in order to dig deep in everyone’s unique potential. She always believes that learning the instrument is not only about learning the note, but to let the student know the thinking process behind everything. Her students had participated in competitions in China and one of her students was successfully admitted to the HongKong Academy of Performing Art and Mannes School of Music.

Stamford Violin Viola Lessons
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